On October 28, 2023, Cambodia’s fragrant rice won the gold award in the 1st China-ASEAN Taste Quality Appraisal Activities of High-Quality Indica Rice Variety in China.

Our fragrant rice has the following qualifications:

– It is a non-seasonal dry rice variety;

– Name in English: Fragrant Rice Sen Kro OB (SKO);

– Cultivation takes 115-120 days;

– Yield 4-7 tons (yield by land and technique);

– Rice length up to 7.5 mm (length is longer than Rumduol);

– Stronger aroma than Vietnam ST25 and Thai Pathum Thani;

– Fresh white rice, clear as glass;

– Glycemic Index (GI) below 55 is good for people with high blood sugar;

– Harvest in Cambodia during February-April and August-September;

– Fragrant rice officially exported about 200,000 tons in 2022.

Source: Cambodia Rice Federation – CRF, THE BLACK TIGER