International Collaboration Helps Mango Company Reach 85% Export Rate

Cambodia’s 40% YoY growth in mango production was the cornerstone for a driven Cambodian entrepreneur to launch Kirirom Food Production (K.F.P.) Co., Ltd, a processing company specializing in dried mangos. As a prime example of cross-country cooperation, strategic investment from a Thai food group and collaboration with international consultants boosted the company’s bottom line and repositioned K.F.P. as one of the country’s largest dried fruit processors.

Ms. Chhorn Dalis, Managing Director of K.F.P., sees immense opportunity in mango production and its processing. “Our company purchases surplus mangos from provincial farmers and processes them into dried mangos. The global demand for snack alternatives has increased significantly over the last few years, and we are looking into expanding our product line to meet this demand.”

In addition to dried mangos, K.F.P. sees investment opportunities in mango by-products such as mango sugar and mango beer due to their high profitability and sustainability towards lower-waste processes. A remarkable 85% of the company’s products are exported, and the company aims to expand its product line, export markets, and bottom line through strategic investments in its processing facilities.

Kirirom Food Production Company Co.LTD.

Key Product: Natural dried mango

Year of Investment in Cambodia: 2013

Investment readiness:

Cambodian soil is heaven for agri-food investors. The country’s fertile land, affordable labor, and in-demand crops make agriculture one of the most popular investment sectors. As Cambodia’s second most important fruit crop, mango is one of the most popular products.

Ms. Vann Channvatey

Contact to discuss: Factory Establishment

“Cambodia is heaven for agri-food investors. We have the land, labor, and crops to produce high-quality products that enjoy international demand.”
– Ms. Chhorn Dalis, Managing Director of K.F.P.