Singapore-Cambodia JV reaches 15% market share two years after launch

Khmer Fresh Milk pioneers the Cambodian dairy industry by raising cattle and producing fresh milk, yogurt, and butter for the local market, reaching an impressive 15% market share after only 4-years of its establishment. Inspired by western cultures, the company’s mission is to provide affordable dairy products to children and adults, contributing to their proper nutrition, serving a rapidly growing dairy market in the Kingdom.

Built on a long-term partnership with the Singapore-based Development Fund, KFM’s innovative business enjoys numerous economic benefits, including a Qualified Investment Project (QIP) with an 8-year tax exemption, ministry-supported land sponsorship, and the support of international experts.

“The dairy industry is one of Cambodia’s fastest-growing, most unexploited, and therefore most lucrative sectors. The second line of UHT milk is already in the pipeline. We look forward to increasing our market share with additional investments into our processing facilities, ” says Mr. Chy Sila, KFM Co-founder, and Director.

Khmer Fresh Milk Co., Ltd

Key Products: Fresh milk, yoghurt, butter

Established: 2016

Year of Investment in Cambodia: 2018

Investment readiness:

Cambodia’s dairy industry is unexploited. However, the rising demand for milk products and exceptional incentives make this sector highly attractive for investors looking for sustainable products and returns.

Ms. Leng Tepy

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“As a new sector in Cambodia, we see enormous opportunity in the dairy industry.”
– Mr. Chy Sila, Co-founder, Director