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Why Invest in Cambodia’s Agrifood Sector?

Preferential Market Access

Located in the heart of South-East Asia, with preferential free trade access to the world’s fastest growing markets.

Premium Products

Reliable and consistent supply of high quality fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices and more on which to build your project’s success.

Thriving Economy

Affordable labor costs, a young workforce, and rapid growth place Cambodia at the centre of the ASEAN region’s dynamic growth.

100% Foreign Ownership

Full foreign ownership of companies in the agrifood sector.

Favorable Tax Environment

Cambodia is among the region’s most favorable economies for foreign investment with investment incentives specifically tailored to support agrifood business.

Special Economic Zones

A new regime for SEZs connecting Cambodian agrifood to markets through land, sea, and air.

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Agricultural Categories & Top Products

Cashew Nuts

As third largest Cashew- producer in ASEAN, Cambodia has the opportunity to meet the increasing global demand for organic and fair-trade cashew markets and service large export markets such as the EU and the US.
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Milk, Yoghurt

In its infancy in Cambodia, the dairy industry represents an attractive investment sector, meeting the growing regional demand for dairy products. Pioneering companies operating in the industry obtained a 15% market share within two years of establishment.
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As ASEAN’s third biggest rice exporter, Cambodia services China, France, Gabon, Malaysia, and the Netherland with the valuable grain. Even through the pandemic, production as well as export numbers have remained strong.
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Dried Mango

The affordable price and quality of raw materials paired with the global demand increase for healthy snacks make the snacking industry a lucrative investment sector. Cambodia’s climatic conditions enable year-round harvests, leading to optimal results on the balance sheet.
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Kampot pepper, the world’s best pepper is grown in Cambodia’s south. Investments into Cambodia’s pepper processing facilities bear the opportunity to take advantage of formal export markets and profiting from the product.
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Case Studies

Success stories from Cambodian agriculture-processing businesses.

Ly Ly Food Industry Co.LTD

Betting on high-quality, affordable raw materials for their popular rice crackers and snacks, Ly Ly Food Industry Co.Ltd established itself among Cambodia’s leading businesses in the processed foods industry, servicing 13 international markets. Following an investment of a Japanese investor, the company established a second company exporting premium rice snacks to high-income countries, now planning to expand their business even further.


Dutch investors recognized the enormous potential of Cambodian pepper, its elevated global demand, and yet unexploited market. So they invested in Sela Pepper, making it one of the largest pepper processing companies in the Kingdom. The FDI-driven success story is one of its kind.

Kamya AgriTrade Co., Ltd.

Kamya Agritrade is a living example of how easy it is to invest in Cambodia. Founded in 2017 by a German businessman, the trading company specializes in 100% organic agricultural products such as black pepper, cashew nut, moringa, and other spices and has grown exponentially since its establishment.

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Agrifood News

EU milled-rice orders shift to Kingdom from Vietnam

EU milled-rice orders shift to Kingdom from Vietnam

Milled-rice exporters said major European buyers have increased their orders from Cambodia and Thailand in 2022 after they discovered that Vietnamese milled rice contained high levels of agrochemicals, which exceeded EU food safety limits…

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Top 10 FDI Source Countries Investing in Cambodia’s Agrifood Sector

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